Thursday, 27 October 2011


Hi :)
Sooo i've decided to change my URL and make my blog on another email account :)
I hope you'll take the time to copy and paste the new URL into the searchbar.
I decided to name the blog after my first blog ever haha witch i made when i was 15-16 and i was really into blogning.
I've also decided to make it a bit more " everything-blog" i know i wrote that THIS would be my everything blog, but it was more like a photoblog/inspo.
the new one will be about everything , music,inspo,fashion,photography.. basically everything i feel like writing or showing your guys :)

I am working on the design, trying to use a design from blogskins but I cant figure out how to download the code! FU MAC!!! :(((



Jennifer Vanessa Charmander
Im 19 years old, I live in Norway and my life contains of nothing besides Tumblr and photography..
I love art, captain Morgan, girls, Lomography. red lipstick, boys, ink
and my Lucky strikes.
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Mail: Jengonz92@gmail.com
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Let me know If you want to be here!

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