Paris // 1
Thursday, 21 July 2011

Can't decide witch one i like the best, BW or color.

Anyways these are some pictures from the first day in Paris. I don't have Photoshop anymore so the pictures I'll post later wont be so edited.
Paris was amazing!
I saw many beautiful things, met beautiful people , met annoying people.
I can't wait until next time I visit Paris, hopefully that time I'll live in a Hotel and not with my mom at her friends house.

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Inspo//Oliver Morris
Tuesday, 5 July 2011



EDIT; olol not leaving before Monday!! A friend from my former school is having a birthday party on Saturday, and I really want to go! so.. leaving on Monday instead!!! wopwop :D

Today im ordering tickets to Paris!
I'll be leaving tomorrow, I'm so excited :)
I'm traveling with my mother, we're staying at her friends house, in a place called Pierrefitte. Fitte is cunt in Norwegian ! haha.
So since we're visiting my mothers friend, I will probably be alot on my own!!
I'll be exploring the city by my self!!! Im so happy about that.
I need some alone time, so that I can take some pictures, visit some museums , and just relax.
I've never been to Paris, so I'm my head It's gonna be like an old movie, with long cigarettes, Croissants by Notre Dame, sketch books, stripes, Bikes and some cute music constantly playing in the background!

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Monday, 4 July 2011

Got back from the festival on Saturday afternoon!
It was a great week, even thou the headliners this year wasn't all that good!
There were some goodies thou, like Deadmau5 , Honningbarna , Robyn, Kasabian, The strokes and Jenny & Johnny etc.

The weather was OK.
Im just so glad that our tent was Waterproof!
But have to buy a new tent, since we were to lazy to take it back home!
yes we left our lovely waterproof blue tent back.

Rain and my hand after the strokes!
it was amazing!! they played all my songs, after the show I had to go straight to the redcross station and get ice for my head and shit for my arm.

I'll post more pics when Tezz sends me them :)

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