Monday, 5 September 2011

So I havent been so good with posting on this blog,
I've started school again, I have to start over again so I im the oldest one in my class!
Im 19 soon 20
They're 15 -16 soon 16-17
so its interesting.
I've gotten a new mac , but If everything goes according to plan I have to return it
( my plan is to start at the photography school i rejected lol)
then I'll have to return it, because we get macs at the school I attend now.
well other then that.

This pictures are from the weekend, we drove up to sogndal so visit some old friends and go out drinking
It was AMAZING! im so happy
I really needed this!
I feel so great now, and almost like the Old jennifer is back !!
Im ready to take over the world.

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